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It has all the benefits of Kettlercise (specially structured 1 minute exercises using only 1 piece of equipment, a kettlebell), for weight loss, core strength, stamina and toning, but through the clever integration of a special selection of Martial Arts exercises, takes your general aerobic fitness, and muscle definition, to a completely new level!

I have been developing it for 9 months now, because, although I believe Kettlercise is a wonderful exercise system, I felt the ‘fitness’ element needed addressing. And that is what I have done.

I am a 2nd Dan in Shotokan Karate, and competed nationally in ‘Kata’ competitions, but the exercises that led up to the fitness needed for those competitions were extremely effective.

And it is some of these that I have incorporated into a 15 minute slot, in the middle of a kettlercise class session.

For the class member, besides the increased fitness levels experienced, the fact that there is a different exercise form in the middle of kettlebell class, makes it more interesting, not only that, but, each week , for 6 weeks, the Martial Arts exercises addresses a specific area of the body.

The beauty here, is that if a class member misses a week or two, each class works on a ‘rolling ball’ system, which means that they will eventually catch up and complete the course.

And then, the 6 week course simply begins again.

Contact Michael Ross at michaelisfit@gmail.com, Tel : 01663 747494 (24hrs)
or go to www.kettlercisefitness.co.uk and click on ‘Latest News’ for more information on KETTFusion

KETTFusion is now a Limited company and has been Trademarked and Franchised, which means that the use of the name, and the exercises contained within a KETTFusion class, cannot be used without the express permission of the founder and developer, Michael Ross.